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"Alitumia Sufuria" What Kibaki Was Forced To Do By Moi For Arriving Late For A Function, Revealed

The late President Mwai Kibaki was once compelled to eat straightforwardly from a sufuria when he showed up later than expected for an official meeting, a previous attendant of President Daniel Arap Moi has uncovered.

The occurrence occurred in 1985 when Kibaki, the VP at that point, showed up later than expected for a public convention.

Kibaki would have rather not been seen by Mzee Moi. He went along with us to a room, cleaned up, and began eating meat from the sufuria.

Mr. Njiru went on, He told me, Njiru, let me show you the way things are finished. We ate together from the equivalent sufuria, three of us Kibaki, Boinett, and myself. Whenever he got done, he cleaned up and asked me, 'Lee, how is the information? Up to this moment, when I meet Brigadier Boinett, that is our greeting.

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