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List Of All USA Presidents From Geroge Washington to Donald Trump

Here is a list of US presidents from George Washington up to Donald Trump.

1789- 1897: George Washington No party

1797 -1801: John Adams Federalist

1801-1809: Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican

1809-1817: James Madison Democratic-Republican

1817-1825: James Monroe Democratic-Republican

1825-1829: John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican

1829-1837: Andrew Jackson Democrat

1837-1841: Martin Van Buren Democrat

1841 William Henry Harrison Whig

1841-1845 John Tyler Whig

1845-1849: James K. Polk Democrat

1849-1850: Zachary Taylor Whig

1850-1853: Millard Fillmore Whig

1853-1857: Franklin Pierce Democrat

1857-1861: James Buchanan Democrat

1861-1865: Abraham Lincoln Republican

1865-1869: Andrew Johnson National Union

1869-1877: Ulysses S. Grant Republican

1877-1881:Rutherford B. Hayes Republican

1881 James A. Garfield Republican

1881-1885: Chester A. Arthur Republican

1885-1889: Grover Cleveland Democrat

1889-1893: Benjamin Harrison Republican

1893-1897: Grover Cleveland Democrat

1897-1901: William McKinley Republican

1901-1909:Theodore Roosevelt Republican

1909-1913: William Howard Taft Republican

1913-1921: Woodrow Wilson Democrat

1921-1923: Warren G. Harding Republican

1923-1929: Calvin Coolidge Republican

1929-1933: Herbert Hoover Republican

1933-1945: Franklin Roosevelt Democrat

1945-1953: Harry S. Truman Democrat

1953-1961:Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican

1961-1963: John F. Kennedy Democrat

1963-1969: Lyndon B. Johnson Democrat

1969-1974: Richard M. Nixon Republican

1974-1977: Gerald Ford Republican

1977-1981: Jimmy Carter Democrat

1981-1993: Ronald Reagan Republican

1993-2001: Bill Clinton Democrat

2001-2009: George W. Bush Republican

2009-2017: Barack Obama Democrat

2017-2021: Donald Trump

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