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Tundu Lissu Says Magufuli Needs a Mental Doctor

A video of President John Pombe Magufuli shouting the same phrase several times has sparked mixed reactions, with others calling for doctors to examine his mental health.

Magufuli was campaigning for a parliamentarian aspirant of Chama Cha Mapinduzi in (Kawe) Dar es Salaam, Bishop Josephat Gwajima.

In a viral video, the CCM leader was heard shouting 'Nileteeni Gwajima, nileteeeni Gwajima (vote for Gwajima) several times, which left CHEDEMA presidential aspirant Tundu Antiphas Lissu to believe Magufuli could be suffering a mental problem.

Lissu who posted the video on hos social media handles on Friday urged doctors working with Magufuli to examine his mental health.

According to Tundu Lissu, it has become a common thing seeing Magufuli pulling out similar behaviours in public, which according to him, could be a sign of a mental issue.

"Nawaomba tena madaktari walioko kwenye msafara wa mgombea huyu wa Urais wawathibitishie Watanzania kwamba mgombea huyu ana udhibiti kamili wa kichwa chake. Milipuko ya aina hii imekuwa mingi mno; inaashiria vinginevyo. Ni wajibu wa kikatiba wa madaktari kuthibitisha hivyo!!!," Tundu Lissu said, which loosely translates to

(I again urge the doctors in the convoy of this Presidential candidate to assure Tanzanians that this candidate has full control of his head. Explosions of this kind have become too numerous; denotes otherwise. It is the constitutional duty of doctors to prove it !!!)

Click here to watch the video

Pombe Magufuli and Tundu Lissu will be battling it down for the top office in Tanzania on October 28.

Lissu is determined to topple Magufuli from power because of his failed governance, while Magufuli is more than sure he will retain the seat and complete what he started five years ago.

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