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"Countdown To Official Declaration Ready" Lissu Reveals As Military Vehicles Parade In Tanzania

Tanzania opposition leader Tundu Antiphas Lissu has revealed that there could be a countdown to an official declaration to what is going on in Tanzania. This is after military vehicles was seen parading themselves in the Streets of Dar es salaam.

"While preparations for a military parade are going on, the VP is busy touring the country as if nothing is happening. Bob Marley said it all: 'you can fool some people some time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. And now we see the light!'" Tundu Lissu's Statement.

The opposition leader said that tanzanians could be fooled for sometimes but not all the time. His statement comes at a time when the Vice President is allegedly to be going around the country with normal duties.

As we await for any other information from the Tanzanian authorities, let us maintain calm and Peace as we follow the guidelines by the ministry of health to ensure no spread of coronavirus.

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