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MUDAVADI's Presidential Future Uncertain

ANC's and One Kenya Alliance team Leaders, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi has found himself at the wrong side of Kenyans, after his latest statement on his future presidential plans [If elected next President of Kenya] on reviving the economy of this country. 

ANC&One Kenya Alliance Leader, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi. [PHOTO|COURTESY]

In what looked like hunting for support from Kenyans, the former President, took back Kenyans to the 1990's when he was appointed minister for finance by the then President, Late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, saying that he had come to the rescue of Kenya's economy then and that he intends to save it once more if elected President of this beloved nation. Mudavadi's statement comes at the time when the country is facing tough financial moments as a result of Covid-19 pandemic and which has seen Kenya, going for Loans to help hitch and pain of the deteriorating economy.

However, Mudavadi's remarks seems not to have been well received by Kenyans on twitter, as many of them went ahead to dissatisfactions after all. 

Many of the Kenyans are of the opinion that, Mudavadi among other Former KANU Party brigade are a look alike as birds of the same feathers and deserved no opportunity worth suitable for to see them elected future Presidents of Kenya.

ABC: You didn't, you part of the kanu machine that sunk that economy in the first place. Kenya needs a person with the political capital, acumen and will to slay corruption, the economy will sort itself since kenyans are hardworking and enterprising.

Here are some of the other replies from Kenyans on Tweeter

Tish Kenya: We remember, the economy was flourishing under Moi, then Kibaki let us down and Uhuru has revived it kabisaa!! [Click here]

Kamket: This is not 19th century my friend omwami this is 21st century if you don't know we need fresh people the likes of WSR to lead this great republic wewe utaenda kukunywa chai uwachie matebeli inchi

Calistus Murunga: I hope he was trying to sound funny. Coz this is really funny... WSR was there enabling Moi do his thing 1992, just like Mudavadi. They are just old birds of the same feather

Yrrek M: Mudavadi, comes from a spoilt background, like uhuru. No difference, none of them understand poverty, simple. Voting for your alliance, is basically voting for 3 more uhurus, + 2 more rutos. Hatuwataki. And loans only save a nation, when our trading balance is +ve.

Ndung'u Wainana: Uhuru Kenyatta political project

Muiruri Samuel: the worst mistake we will make is to recycle kanu orphans but our options appear limited since we will not elect new people. same ole same ole, we really are scraping the bottom of the barrel here, aren't we?

Jumba: Anglo leasing, Goldenberg, Langata cemetery land...etc. You became a billionaire when Moi was running the country with a budget of under Ksh.450Billion, now you want Kenyans to trust you with a Ksh.3Trillion budget. Sad thing is, they just might do so.

For More Replies to Mudavadi's Tweet [CLICK HERE]

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