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The Russian invasion of Ukraine;Has resulted into conflicts. Let's look at the causes of crisis.

The two neighboring countries has not been on good terms since USSR colapse after the second world war.Recently war has broke between Russia and Ukraine.lf you're living in caves l'll show you the reasons why?

1.In1922, Russia and Ukraine becoming two founding members of Soviet Union.

2.ln 1932 and 1933 a famine caused by Stalin policies kills millions of people mainly ethnical Ukrainians in a country known as breadbasket of soviet union.

3.ln 1941 and 1944 Nazi Germans and Axis powers occupy the country during world war two.

4.ln 1991 the Soviet Union was terminated via treaty of becoming an independent nation with a significant stockpile of nuclear weapons.

5.ln 2004 pro-Russian candidate Viktor Yanukovych was declared president of Ukraine.

6.In January 2005,Yushenko takes over powers as the third president of Ukraine after re-vote.

7.April 2008,Nato promised Ukraine and Georgia they'll one day join the alliance.

8.February 2010,Yunukovych defeats Tymoshenko in presidential election.Russia and Ukraine agreed on a deal about gas pricing in exchange for extending the lease for Russian navy in Ukraine black seaport.

9.ln November 2013.The Euromaiden protest erupt in Ukraine capital of Kyiv after Yunukovych shelves a free trade deal with European Union.

10.In February 2014,The Ukrainian parliament votes to impeach Yanukovych and he flees to Russia, decrying his removal.

11.ln 2015.Russia, Ukraine,Germany and France signed a series of cease-fire agreement known as Minsk Accords.

12.ln April 2019.Volodymyr Zelensky, was elected by large majority as the president of Ukraine.

13.ln April 2021, Russian military buld up raises alarms.

14.ln 2022, Russia demands security concession with an assurance that Ukraine will never join Nato.

15.ln February 2022, Russia recognizes breakway regions.Russia invade eastern Ukraine.President Putin declared the reason for the invasion was that Russia couldn't feel safe, develop and exist.

On 24th February Russian troops destroyed capitals in Ukraine.A war which has resulted into loss of lives, destruction of properties and leaving some Ukrainian living in squatters. let's pray for the whole world because the war might results into world war three.

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