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How Idi Amin's Right Hand Man, Maliyamungu Died A Painfull Death (PHOTOS)

Maliyamungu was among the officers tasked with purging the Uganda Army of any lingering extreme Obote followers and anti-Amin organizations. He consequently received "complete power to execute anyone in the army," including superior officers. Maliyamungu collaborated with Major Malera, Col. Ali, Col. Musa, and Col. Musa to terminate the armed resistance to the new government. After that, he put to death a large number of individuals with opposing political ideas. Afterwards he boasted of "single-handedly mastermind[ing]" the killing of individuals who were supposedly Amin's enemies.

Maliyamungu and his family moved to Zaire after Tanzania annexed Kampala and overthrew Idi Amin's government. In order to launch a business, he migrated with a substantial portion of his fortune. Afterwards, Maliyamungu participated in the pro-Amin uprising in the West Nile region during the Ugandan Bush War.

When and why did he die?

He amassed a fighting unit and joined up with other Amin supporters before invading the West Nile region from Zaire. Thereafter he relocated to Sudan, where he remained until he passed away in February 1984 as a result of poisoning.

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