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Take a look at the House Built Under the Rock that Calls for Bravery to Reside in

There is this house that has raised a lot of concern on social media. You might have seen it once in a while as you go through the social media pages. It's said to be existing on the route from Kisian to Bondo. People who live in this house that's around Kit Mikayi should be very brave since behind the house is a big stone that appears as if it's falling on the roof. Take a look at its photo below:

However, it's God who protects people and since the stone has existed for such a long time, it may not cause any trouble as you may expect. People living there though might be risking their lives too since it appears as if it's almost falling on the roof. You will be astonished how brave this people may appear because not every one can afford to live in such a house. Nevertheless, the bible say the house built on a rock is strong.

Since this house is built on a rock, its should be very strong though and very much safe to dwell in. Do you think you can be able to live in such a house? Below were peoples reactions when they saw this:

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Bondo Kisian Kit Mikayi


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