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Angry Kenyans Blast Lee Kinyanjui For Using Ouko Assassination Story To Attack Fellow Politicians

The Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has found himself on the receiving end of attacks from angry Kenyans after likening circumstances that surrounded Robert Ouko's assassination and funeral to the current political affairs.

In what is turning out to be a poor use of an anecdote as he tried to attack fellow politicians for neglecting Kenyans at a time when they need them most and immersing themselves in endless blame-game, Kinyanjui narrated a story of Robert Ouko's final days on this earth saying that he wasn't accorded security when he needed it most but his funeral ironically had more than enough security officers yet he didn't need them at that time.

Taking to Facebook today on July 5th, Kinyanjui wrote when Robert Ouko was assassinated and his remains dumped in a nearby hill, he had no security to guard him against evil people during his time of need.

That however, there was an "unusual police presence" at his funeral that irked the mourners that wondered where all the security men were when Ouko was murdered.

"We chided the mean-looking red berets, that Ouko needed no security now that he was at rest," he wrote.

His point was that "the situation is no different in our country today." That even though "the economy is down on its knees, the people charged with it are only attending its funeral" instead of providing solutions.

"When fertilizer prices doubled in price, they were silent. When they were needed to cushion Kenyans with sound economic policies, they were busy politicking but now they are coming in droves blaming others and preaching false hope.They are no different from the red beret elite squad at the Koru funeral," he wrote.

Probably to his surprise, the story and attacks on fellow politicians only irked Kenyans who couldn't fail to remind him that he's a senior politician who can make a big difference, in the current matters should he choose to do so instead of engaging himself in the blame-game that he was castigating.

Some other Kenyans were angered or rather offended by his use of Robert Ouko assassination in his attacks yet according to them the two developments are not related at all.

At the time of writing this article, his post had attracted all sorts of negative comments as angry Kenyans bashed him for opting for the Ouko narrative, and referred to him as being "part of the problem".

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