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Did You Know There Is A Country In Africa With More Than Three Capital Cities? Check It Out

The capital city of a country is always that city which is centrally located within a country for easy distribution of resources from the government. It is always determined with several factors which includes good roads, it's location within the country, it's level of development and among others.

In most countries in Africa and world at large are always known to have one capital city and not more. This is said to be activated with the fact that they are always small in size and hence only requires one city to contain all the three arms of the government that is, the executive, judiciary and the Legislative.

However, South Africa as a country in Africa is portraying a very unique feature making it more unique than has ever thought of. The country South Africa has three Capita city with each containing each arm of the government. The capital cities include, Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein City.

These cities were built majorly by the whites hence making them much developed than one may ever think of. This is one of the basic reason why they all fit being a capital city. It is alleged that by the time the country was getting colonized, there rose an argument on the best place or city to be the capital city, an argument that did not yield any positive result hence a conclusion was made to make all of them the capital cities of South Africa.

Check out some of the amazing photos of the three capital cities that will make you agree with me that they really deserved being a capital city and even you could have find it difficult sticking to one city.


This is the number one capital city of South Africa. Here is where the Executive is located that is the state house is built in this city.

2. Bloemfontein City

This is the second capital city of South Africa. Here is where the judiciary is located.

3. Cape Town

This is the third capital city of South Africa. This is where the legislature is located.

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