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Trump Calls Rape Accusations A Hoax in Deposition

According to extracts from a deposition made public on Friday, Donald Trump termed a sexual assault claim made against him a " hoax" and denied ever kissing or caressing a woman without her permission. In a case filed by magazine writer E. Jean Carroll, who has accused the former president of raping her in a Manhattan department store dressing room in the mid- 1990s, a federal court in New York declassified portions of a transcript of Trump' s deposition. The former president said in the filmed deposition held Wednesday at his Florida mansion that " it is a scam and a falsehood just like all the other scandals that have been done on me for the past seven years. "

Carroll' s attorney also probed Trump on irrelevant subjects, such as his opinion of mail- in votes, which he claimed to think a scam despite the fact that he confessed occasionally using one. He said that he believed most claims about global warming to be false. In passages from Carroll' s deposition, the author said that the alleged attack left her in shock and unstable, and that the comments Trump made in reaction to her public accusation in 2019 completely changed her life. " I was fired. I now have the reputation of being an unreliable lady who shouldn' t be trusted. I' m perceived as a lady who was foolish and naïve enough to undergo what I did.

Carroll first sued Trump for defamation and, in November, for violence following his public criticism of her. Throughout his deposition, Trump made reference to the litigation as a political time- waster. Three dozen pages of extracts were kept under secrecy by Trump' s attorneys for confidentiality reasons. Judge Lewis Kaplan of the district court rejected Trump' s request to have Carroll' s case dismissed on Friday. The release of a videotaped interview in which Trump made crude and sexually aggressive remarks about women rocked his 2016 presidential campaign, and the former president has dealt with dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct during his time as a media and real estate mogul before he ran for office.

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