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Who will save Kenyans from ignorance?

Kenyans are well known to be controlled by politicians. Currently there are two major categories of Kenyans, those supporting the handshake and those opposed to the handshake. Then there is a small percentage who are not sure of where they are. The handshake supporters are those allies to president Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition leader Hon Raila Odinga.

Then those opposed to the handshake are allied to the deputy president Hon William Samoe Ruto. Currently there is an ongoing debate on the BBI report. The report is being championed by president Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon Raila Odinga. The two leaders are drumming support for the BBI report.

Hon Odinga has more actively been supporting the report. He has insisted that the report is good and everyone should now support it. As always Kenyans who are allied to his political ambitions have backed him 100%. Some have not even read the report but just because Raila Odinga supports it, they think its nice to also support it. This is the same case with Ruto's allies.

The deputy president has questioned some parts of the report. Hence making it seem as if he is opposing the report. When you interact with his allies they will tell you the same that they are opposing the report just because the deputy president is opposing.

This now brings much worry. It will then mean that in case there is a referendum, people will be voting to punish their opponent. There is a very small percentage that have read and are supporting the report or opposing it genuinely. 

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