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Reason Why Citizen, NTV, KTN, K24 Are All Showing Different Results For The Presidential Election

Since yesternight, results for the presidential election have been streaming across different platforms. Different television channels have also been airing their results,some which are way different from what's on the IEBC portal. But one might be wondering why we we are having this lack of uniformity across the media houses. This is the reason.(Sample of results transmission across NTV and Citizen at almost same time)

Now, IEBC uploads form 34As from all the polling station on their website. It is now upon the individual media station's to do their own compilation of the forms. Then, the difference is now brought by how fast the media team is able to compile the data as they get it from the website.

Also, how the individual media station's set up their arrangement for reliance also brigs the difference. Maybe one media station focused on results from Ruto strongholds and that's why he is leading in that particular station. Or maybe, results from Raila's station came first and that's why he is leading in that station.

Third, the media station's had agents on the ground. Maybe some media station's are using results ad relayed by their own reporter's. IEBC is set to do their tallying though and this will be after receiving all physical forms and verifying them.

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