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Bonny Khalwale: Dear Mr President, Between You And The Deputy, The Rightful Person To Resign Is You

The president has now made a serious statement over his deputy, leave alone the mere jokes he made to him of the 'baton' at Bomas. This is a new page in their continuous political unfriendly twist, a fresh and direct attack where the president called upon his deputy that, if his stay in government causes him to jitter around and he is unhappy the way his boss is running the government, then according to the president, the best option is to leave the government and sell his 'better agenda' to Kenyans in campaigns.

Today's morning on Citizen TV, panelist and vibrant Ruto ally politician, Bonny Khalwale, made a resounding statement in a bid to outrightly answer the president on who actually needs to resign between him and his second in command.

The former Kakamega senator says the head of state is rather, the rightful person to resign because of the following.

First, he says the president has been reminded more than once to uphold that which he swore when he took office.

According to Bonny, the president has constantly been ignoring and refusing to adhere to the constitution which he outrightly swore to uphold and defend, rather, he has been busy attacking it, looking for means to change it, but fortunately, the Courts have reminded him that he has a grave duty before him, and that it is his absolute duty, to see through the set functions and if he fails in doing so, to resign and leave the job for someone else.

The former 2017 gubernatorial candidate for Kakamega, did criticize that part where the president said, "What is wrong by bringing people together, I did come together with Ruto after the differences we witnessed in 2007, am doing the same after the differences of 2017, there is nothing wrong".

The 'bullfighter' as he is known to many, did have his reservations in this manner according to the above president's statement.

His response was in a form of a question and more of critic, that when the head of government came together with Ruto, there was no changing of the constitution, but when he brings his accollides along, he wants to change the 'supreme law of the land', why so?

What do you say about all these?

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