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Forget Snakes And Weed, Summary Of Wajackoyahs Manifestos Reveals His Revolution Plan for Kenya

It was not a surprise that Weed was the word of the day in Yesterday's Roots Party Manifesto launch. It goes down in the history books as one of the most beautiful launches ever in Kenyan history. It had a different vibe all along of reggae music and was conducted in a rather welcoming way. The manifestos for the Roots Party led by aspiring candidate George Wajackoyah were launched and we take a quick dip into them.

1. Farming money. Introduce productive farming of marijuana which will earn approximately 160 million per acre as contrasted to an acre of maize earning approximately 70,000 Kenyan shillings.

2. Introduce hanging as a fork of capital punishment to severe crimes like corruption. This will be a major step in fighting corruption.

3. Repaying debt .Kenya has 13.6 million acre farmland. If we use only 10% for farming marijuana we would earn 240 trillion in one year. This and snake rearing will create enough income to settle Kenyan debt in the shortest time possible.

4. Make Isiolo administrative capital city. Nairobi will be left as the industrial and financial capital.

5. Review working permits of Immigrants and foreigners. They must bring value to Kenyans. 

6. Absolutely free Health care for children, elderly and pregnant women. No charges to be incurred for their medication.

7. 4 day 24 hours working economy. This will increase productivity like first worlds.

8. Salaries to be paid every two weeks .This will reduce loans and promote productivity.

9. Free education to University level. Reform CBC and reduce cost to parents

10. Free water. This will reduce disease, promote health and productivity in the farming sector.

11. Zero slums in Kenya. Build three million apartments for slum dwellers in an affordable rent to own tenancy purchase project.

12. Liberate Fuel Sector. Buy cheap oil from Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and Russia to lower fuel cost and control prices.

13. Increase Civil Servants Salaries by 50%. Well paid civil servants are motivated and productive.

14. Give every household a TV, radio and a computer which they will pay for slowly in a span of two years. This will enhance access to information, businesses, opportunities and knowledge.

15. Increase Forest Cover to 25% of Kenya. Planting a 10km forest barrier from Transzoia will prevent spread of the desert and work towards stopping climate change.

16. Reform our country. Our MPs are the ones who pass oppressing laws. They keep quiet when citizens get hurt.

17. Build the security forces and make Kenya leader in military strength. Build an arms industry and increase military funding.

18. Replace all 5,000 senior civil servants to disband cartels and stop corruption. 

19. Build Serviced 2,500 rural integrated villages, housing 1,000 to house 1,000 homes each and Increase urbanization to 85%.

Summarized are just some of the key roots party Manifestos. Wajackoyah indeed has a strategy for the healing of the nation. Do you support his manifesto?

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