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ODM'S Rosa Buyu promises to Sue Duale for abusing her

Recently there was war on parliament which extended to an online fight between Garissa Township member of parliament Aden Duale and ODM'S Rasa Buyu. The leaders went ahead exposing each other online and seems Duale went to far and Rosa is taking matters to court.

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Despite Duale being remorseful and asking for forgiveness, Rosa feels Duale was only crying crocodile tears and has promised to teach him a lesson. The mp accused Duale of having an inherent behavior of abusing and demeaning women and feels its high time he pays for his foul mouth.

"I’m not satisfied and I’m going to take it up because even when he said he was going to apologise, he goes on to say,' I a Muslim and ranking member I don't need a girlfriend, whether in this house or Rosa Buyu', is that how you apologise is that an apology?" Rosa Buyu

Duale earlier this week attacked mps including Milly Odhiambo, Esther Passaris in parliament while making their submissions. The leaders were discussing insecurity issues in North Eastern counties where Duale castigated Buyu for shouting at him.

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