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Why Being Popular Should Never Be Mistaken As Being A Good Leader.

There has been confusion amongst many people when it comes to making a right choice between a good leader and a bad leader. At a time like this when we are nearing election people become more undecided to make decisions on who is ro lead them. This is because of how one is popular..

The idea of choosing a person because of his/her popularity is misleading, besides one being popular there should be some other contributing qualities that should qualify one to be chosen as a good leader.

Popularity should never be mistaken with good leadership, one can be popular in a specific field which might be his/her gift. In leadership you don't recognise gifts or talent alone, there has to be a strong and good character behind it.

Why most people are goong into politics after being popular or being celebrities in their talents and gifts they have been good at and this is regrettable. We need to come to a point where we should be honest with ourselves and tell exactly what we need when we join politics. Joining politics should never be a choice for one so that he/she can have personal gains but should be an oppotunity for one to better the lives of people.

You may be talented in something but this should not be a tool to qualify you to be a good leader. This can be identified by being honest to your self. If there is any desire of being a politician and your aim is to make money for yourself then that is the right time for you to stop and quit, and venture into business.

Leadership is all about delivering the needs of people. Just like a father in the house, he is not supposed to cause harm to his family but to guard it and ensure that there demands are met.

Good leadership originates from ones character. Leadership without character is like is like power without principles and abuse of trust. A leaders success is as good as the character that contains it.

Now for the young people who have shown intrest in different political seats, it is their right time for them to demonstrate new ways of campaigning and also new ways of offering leadership. They should know that when you have been given leadership ,you have been trusted by your electorate. You should prove that whatever you have been entrusted with is well taken care off.

It is true that whoever wants to rule has seen the need of doing it by identifying special needs and corrective measures to be implemented in order to deliver his/her people from their sufferings.

Any visionary leader interprets success through values. Whatever he/she values is well protected. If you value something you will never abuse it and without value it is like a destiny without discipline. It is therefore an obligation for any leader to take the responsibility of showing and reporting to his people what is to be done and how. Nothing should be private.

It is worthy noting that people will imitate leaders, this is because leadership is a privilege that is given by followers and this makes it a powerful position of influence. It is key to note that leaders are not actors on the stage to entertain followers but to bring change in the society.

Now, go for leadeship by establishing your integrity, protecting your vision and with a purpose of living a good legacy which the future generations will be bold to boast about. Ensure that your talent compliments your skills in leadership knowing that your popularity should not compromise your integrity.

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