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US Election 2020: Joe Biden Becomes 46th President

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the election to become the next president of the United States of America, beating Donald Trump in the wake of an impressive vote count following Tuesday's election.

The BBC says Biden won the main battlefield in Pennsylvania, which pushed him to surpass 270 electoral votes, the number required to win the White House.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has indicated that their candidate has no intention of conceding.

This result makes Trump the first president to hold a single term since the 1990s and the days of George HW Bush.

The BBC's forecast of Biden’s victory is based on unofficial results from states that have already completed their vote count, and expected results from states such as Wisconsin where the count continues.Throughout his campaign, Biden has argued that the “soul of the nation” is at stake, and has promised that he would seek to heal a country fractured by Trump’s presidency.

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