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Raila should pack his belonging and say goodbye to politics.

Raila Amollo Odinga was born in 7th January 1945 at Maseno. Raila started well his political career, building his reputation in politics. He was a member of parliament for Langata from 1992 to 2001. In 1997 Odinga stood for presidency under NDP but was unsuccessful, however he managed to retain his parliamentary seat.During the period 2001 to 2002, he joined Moi's cabinet as minister of energy. In 2002, he is the one who engineered the alliance that made Kibaki president, the alliance came with some terms, that if Kibaki succeeded they would share cabinet posts and power, they also agreed that Kibaki had to create a new position of Prime minister for Raila . His strategies that year made him famous and Kenyans started trusting him thinking that he was quite different from other politicians. The alliance between Kibaki and Raila was dismantled in 2006 after Kibaki did not fulfill the terms stipulated in their a greement. He formed Orange Democratic Movement popularly known as ODM. He was as a watch dog to the government, ensuring that the government didnot go a stray. Questioning the government anytime money was borrowed but not properly distributed. Pointing out sectors full of corruption in the government. Him being on the opposition ensured that the government was catering for the needs of its citizens. In 2007, he stood for presidency but was defeated narrowly by Kibaki.

He was, however, given the post of Prime Minister where he was pocketing a lot of money after Kenyans lost lives and their loved ones because of him. During 2013 he went to the ballot box and failed again. He then remained as an opposition leader keeping tabs on the government.During the 2017 election history repeated itself. The so called 'Baba' failed again.

In all the five times he failed there is a deal he made with the ruling government, the deals he make solely benefits him alone not Kenyans he claims every time he is fighting for. During 2007 he made a deal to be made prime Minister, in that period of 5 years he did nothing for Kenyans.

He made a deal with Uhuru through the famous 'handshake'. Currently there is no opposition party. Under such circumstances the government resources are misused since there is no watchdog(opposition) that keeps the government in check. What is the role Raila is playing now in helping Kenyans?

It is high time for the 76 year old to leave politics while his reputation is still 'good' and for the good of Kenya who have suffered due to his lies. He is a political conman in disguise.

Do you think Raila can be a good president?

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