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World Leaders Facing Court Charges

It has always common to see a normal law abiding citizen get charged in a Court of law and some even end up in jail.How would it sound when a political leader gets charged and ends up in a behind bars.Public opinion always gets a upper hand and praise during such circumstances,and here is a brief list of famous world leaders facing social and political charges.

1.Andargachew Tsege.

He is a popular figure in Ethiopian politics and a popular Media personality and according to he was a C.E.O of ESAT a reputable media house in Ehiopia.He is being charged with attempting a coup on the government.Picture: Courtesy

2.Mohamed Nasheed.

Mohamed Nasheed is a former president of Maldives and according to he was a Co-founder to Maldivian democratic party.Nasheed is being charged for terrorism.picture: Courtesy

3.Musallam Al Barrak.

Musallam is a former member of Kuwait national assembly and a great kuwaitian politician.Musallam is being charged for criticizing the government.picture: courtesy

4.Anwar Ibrahim.

This former deputy prime minister of Malaysia From(1993 to 1998)is being charged with sodomy following rumours of a 2015 incident with a man,and the Malaysian laws abhors same sex relationships.Picture: courtesy

5.Leopold Eduardo Lopez Mandoz.

Leopold is from Venezuela and a great public figure considering his political fame and influence in Venezuela political matters.Despite his good reputation Leopold Lopez is being charged for public incitation with violence.picture: courtesy.

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