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Why We Need a Competent Leader for Uasin Gishu Governorship in 2022

How can we ensure there is sustainable Growth and development in Eldoret? Are we thinking of who will redeem our lost economy as a people? Where is our KFA? Where is our KCC? Why have our people become so poor yet they used to be the richest? Can a county government rescuer us from poverty? The answer is YES. If we have the right leadership, we can fix these things and make Uasin Gishu great again.

The architectures of our constitution knew that devolution will create huge impacts if they get the right leadership. To devolve 20B and give to a joker or comedian or story teller is to play with our future. We need serious people to ensure that the lost glory of the people of Uasin Gishu is redeemed. 

Many people in UG are now not able to take their children to school because of poverty. What went wrong? Who is that leader that can turn around the economy of Uasin Gishu? Now is the time to ask hard questions. We must study all the gubernatorial candidates carefully and see who really will deliver UG people to the promised land. Enough is enough for jokers or people with no ideology or philosophy to transform our county and make UG great again. We must see serious manifestos to trust any of the candidates. How are professionals with the best interest for the county utilized? Eldoret capacity is that of a city, yet we're still proud of the "Food basket Tag" If Eldoret gets a visionary Leader it'll be an Economic Hub, a Centre of Excellence in Education or Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship.

To manage billions is no mean task, it Need articulated policies and meticulous panning. It means appointing qualified professionals not political brokers, associates and cronies to strategic positions.

It's a wonder 3.2B was not used because no project was conceived to siphon money out of. The Idea of constructing ward offices or dams at very exaggerated costs only create cash cow for governor to milk the county dry. 

Wanjiku need friendly policies to do business. We need a manager. Not politicians, not comedians nor actors - Rambo type of leaders exhibited by others.

We need a vision to make Eldoret a City of Hope and truly City of Champions, - not only in Athletics but in Education, Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

Eldoret town is second after Nairobi in medical industry.

Every university is in Eldoret, the best weather and soils for agriculture are the hallmarks. 

Why are we Poorer than ever before? Are we stupid? What an insult to the intelligence? 

As Youth we need to see what'll make us better. Youth want empowerment not Kingpins.

We need leaders to articulate and address issues - leaders to show the way, map out why we're poor and how to practically address that, not leaders to point out who we're or where come from.

Don't they know even progeny of prostitutes or brewers excel better.


We need to vote in leaders to eradicate poverty no other tribes.

It is time for change. Amb Bitok is the right match for the gubernatorial seat? Your guess is as good as mine.

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