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"Wewe Munya Wacha Kiburi, Tumeona Wengi Kama Wewe" Ndindi Nyoro Tells Munya To Respect Kenyans

Because of how well-respected and welcomed he was, DP Ruto's visit to Embu was at its best. A number of his friends, including Ndindi Nyoro, who had the opportunity to speak to the crowd, accompanied DP Ruto on this trip. Following Kindiki, Ndindi Nyoro stepped up to the microphone and began by berating CS Munya for what he had said about Kenyans.

CS Munya is insulting the nation's tea farmers, according to Ndindi Nyoro, who began by saying this;

"Hii Nataka Ndindi Nyoro... Wewe Ndindi Nyoro is a kiburi wacha madharau. Wengi Tumeona Kama Wewe. Hello, Unadharau wakulima wa chai!" Ndindi Nyoro was quoted as he went on the attack against CS Munya for disrespecting the people he was supposed to be guarding.

According to Ndindi Nyoro, the government no longer cares about tea growers or other farmers in general. According to Ndindi Nyoro, DP Ruto's mission will concentrate on eradicating such individuals and promoting farmer development.

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