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Opinion: Kenya Set To Have The Most Humble President In Africa If DP Ruto Is Elected In 2022

As many spiritual books state, there are many qualities that define a good leader who can help low class and ordinary citizens in building the economy and country in general.

We have been taught in religious studies that it is not always a matter of words that determine a good leader but it is all about the actions that an individual perform that define him/her.

In previous elections, we have encountered various politicians giving out their good manifesto on what they will do if they gain power but after they are elected in office, they start being extravagant and focus on their individual lifestyle or help only those who are close to them and family members.

Many will agree with me that good leadership is seen by the good actions and development projects by leaders in our society and not their words.

Good leadership is also seen by looking at how a leader relates with his people and those he want to lead.

The 2022 general election is set to be conducted in August after Uhuru Kenyatta's term comes to an end.

As the general election draws is closer, we have started seeing various presidential candidates moving closer to the ordinary citizens and asking for their votes.

Among them is ODM party leader, who entered into handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta and kept quiet even when Kenyans needed his voice the most.

It should be known that Raila Odinga kept a blind eye when Kenyans were being robbed of Covid-19 funds, and others getting killed by police in an attempt to enforce Covid-19 measures by the Ministry of Health.

And on Monday October 4, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) launched voter registration exercise in a bid to prepare for next year's general election set for August.

I would like to remind all Kenyans that your vote come next year is set determine the future that you want to live, and the type of leadership and leaders you will have for the next five years

Deputy President William Ruto can be seen as the most humble politician in the Kenya so far.

His humility and acts of charity, including church donations and empowerment programs to various marginalized groups in the country is making him a stronger and potential candidate to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta come August next year.

Truth be told, DP William Ruto will be among the strongest presidential candidates in the 2022 presidential ballot.

Many good actions defines William Ruto, who identifies himself as the chief hustler.

In this article, I write to you some perfect examples that define DP William Ruto as a humble politician whose aim is to help many Kenyans and better their lives during his tenure as the deputy president, and when he assumes office as the president of Kenya.

DP William Ruto has taken the hustler nation mentality to Kenyans across the country;

As you will all agree with me, an individual's actions defines words.

Deputy President William Ruto has been reaching the small scale businessmen and women in various parts of this country.

The second in command has taken as his job acts of giving starter funds to small scale businesspeople so they can expand their businesses, and encouraging them to work hard to change their lives and that of their society.

Despite holding the same status as DP Ruto in terms of wealth, other politicians, including ODM party leader Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta have found it hard to meet common citizens with the claims that DP Ruto is buying voters and they have a busy schedule.

However, the deputy president William Ruto has adopted an art of making time for his citizens and hustlers and eat with them on the same table and keep his life simple.

DP Ruto has adopted an act of supporting Kenyans with resources to start businesses better the lives of the youths in Kenya.

DP Ruto adopted the art of distributing wheelbarrows and motorbikes to ordinary Kenyans, which has seen many Kenyans get back to businesses and kept them busy, doing businesses to better their lives and comfortably rely on themselves to earn their daily living.

This has shown how humble DP Ruto is and how he intervenes to better the lives of even the ordinary people.

Religious people and books say that a humble heart is a heart that gives.

Deputy President William Ruto has also been a vocal advocate for people from humble backgrounds to have voice in the national cake.

DP Ruto believes that the have, who he calls dynasties have ruled this country for a longer time now, and have continued to grow their family wealth and weakening ordinary Kenyans.

The second in command believes that many youths can arise from their humble backgrounds to become very respected people in the country with good positions in the government and business class.

In a campaign rally in Kisii on Sunday October 3, in what many saw as a humble heart by DP Ruto, he was was rained on when doing his campaigns.

The deputy president did not even go inside his car to shelter as heavy rain poured on his body.

Instead, the deputy president said he cannot run away from rain drops and leave his supporters being rained on.

Could it be Raila Odinga or Musalia Mudavadi, or Uhuru Kenyatta, they would have sheltered because they believe that they should not undergo such struggles in life.

In addition, DP William Ruto has been on record helping in renovation of churches all across the country by contributions.

Few months ago, the deputy president also came out to rescue Kenyans as he led and advocated for anti-BBI campaigns, the document that was to meant to create positions for few individuals and benefit only a section of politicians who were searching for power in case they lose elections come next year..

From these actions, DP Ruto is set to be the most humble president in Africa come 2022 after Uhuru Kenyatta's term comes to an end.

Let us hear what you have to say about DP Ruto in the comments section below.

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