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'Hustlers' Versus 'Dynasties' Narrative By Ruto Is Bad News For A Certain Perceived Politicians

There is a conflict of interest and meaning emanating from the 'Hustlers' versus 'Dynasties' narrative notion propagated by the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto.

From the wording 'Hustler' and 'Dynasty' referral by the DP its not really clear especially with the first word of the exact meaning in his perspective. Someone might or might not known the epitomology of the word 'Hustler'.

Dynasty means a group of hereditary rulers or person/s originating from a powerful class who have retained or are retaining a position in a certain duration of time. Hustler means someone who is involved in illicit/selling dealings, an financially aggressive person, someone who hustles or working energetically. 

In Ruto's perspective he is terming Uhuru, Raila and maybe Gideon Moi as Dynasties and terming himself together with the ordinary Kenyans as hustlers.

Ruto believes that Uhuru and Raila who are his political opponents have gained their positions and wealth hereditarily but not earned it. This is not true in my perspective I believe that chance, opportunity and effort is what made them to be what they are today since nothing comes easy in this world. Ruto terms himself as a hustler since his political success is not hereditary. Believing that he has never had a political God-father to create chance and opportunity for him to be successful politically and financially 

There are effects and consequences of each actions, narratives and slogans.

This narratives tends to put the trio in an awkward and contrary position since it creates a drift between them and the ordinary Kenyan acting as a recipe for social and economic chaos. Economic chaos since the perceived 'Dynastics' are also business men sponsoring big businesses and corporations. The narratives orientation is not good for their business well being and success.

Also this notion can ultimately fail the political agenda of Ruto's political opponents since the key target of the DP is to fail his opponents in this year's general election.

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