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What Happens During the KDF Training Period After Recruitment?

Immediately after KDF recruitment, the recruits are taken to different training colleges where they are to undertake the training. The training usually take 6 months. So many people keep asking questions such that, what really happens during this training period? Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with the best training program. For those 6 months the recruits are to be taught so many things.One of the main role of the KDF is to protect the boundaries of the country. They are to protect citizens from external attacks. This being the case immediately after recruitment they are separated where some join the Navy, others join the marine and the rest get to the army. The three groups are given different training according to their field. The marine are trained to hold their fights in the water, navy in the air and army on the land.

The training is usually not so easy since they have to be made strong. For them to deal criminal such as terolist, they need to be well trained and equipped with so many skills. The war training and use of war gadgets takes the longest time in those six month. Each and everyday they wake up in the morning to run, and use their war machines. Most of their night they spend it in the field improving their skills.

Beside the wall training, they are taught more values such as to uphold their dignity as the protector of the nation. If you have spent time these guys you will realize that they are usually well trained in terms of behavior and decisions. They always respect and value every Kenyan no matter the background. They are only taught to fight their enemies and not the people they should be protecting.Please share.

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