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Opinion: Why The Hustler Nation is a Shelter for the youth and a voice for the oppressed

Today, today;the 2nd of October the Year 2020 will be remembered historically as far as the Kenyan walk and work towards democracy and growth in governance goes.Yes,the likes of Jomo the first,Paul Ngei and even of late the late Moi could be turning in their resting places astounded by what a beings moral and leadership can stoop so low as to take a nation for a ride:a ride on a donkey not even a rollercoaster.

Yes,WSR made an impromptu visit to what is his abode and what made the headlines is subbotage.But that was not news,that was nothing compared to today's utterances by one intruder in the name of Raphael Tuju and his master Murathe.Yes you guessed right,it's the same Tuju who blocked a brigade led by Uhuru Muigai from accessing KICC building after Kanu's resounding lose as he generously fed the current president with a sumptuous meal of teargas (the year is 2002 or thereabouts).Yes,he is the very same individual whose debt in billions has made the headlines and is currently at the mercy of auctioneers.Yes,it's the same murathe whose name is written all over a dozen scandalous deals, with the KEMSA case being his least venerable wrongdoing.He is His majesty the Lord of badmouthing and loathsomeness.Let them be sanitized by the highpriest of corruption in Raila Amollo.

But who takes the fall?The fall for the wrongs and ills and atrocities committed by these belligerent squad?William Samoei Rutto takes the fall.Giving wheelbarrows to youths now shows grand theft.Being generous in our nation is illegal.Being locked out of your office is right and being banned from your place of work is what is good.But not participating in sanitization is righteous. Borrowing loans to line the pockets of The Murathes and Atwolis of Kenya by Mungai is right 

Youths,let's be woke ,let's be cautious.If they don't put food on your table they don't deserve your vote.Dont be carried away don't be fooled. William Rutto's acts of kindness and generosity as he empowers our youths is all we need as a nation.

They might have won the battle but we gone win the war.To the future to the youths , governance and accountability is our shield and defender.The Dp is our defender.Hustlers we were born and hustling is all we know.#Team Hustlers #Hustler Nation#The Hustlers Clerk.Long live freewill.We shall prevail.

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