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Top 5 Least Peaceful Countries in the World

Peace in a country is a major determiner on the growth of a country's economy. Most of the world poorest countries are experiencing civil wars.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) measures the level of Negative Peace in a country. The scores are calculated on a scale of 1-5 with 5 representing a high degree of violence in a country. Below is a list of the of countries experiencing civil wars every now and then:

1. Afghanistan

It is a landlocked country in Asia that borders Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. It has a population of 38.93 million people it is ranked number one with a peace index value value of 3.63.

2. Yemen

It is a country in Western Asia, on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the Northeast. With a population of 30.49 million people, it is one the of Arab world's poorest country with a peace index value of 3.41.

3. Syria

It is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Syria civil war is fought between the Syrian Arab Republic and various domestic and foreign forces that oppose both the Syrian government and each other. With a population of 17.5 million people, it is a ranked third with a peace index value of 3.37.

4. South Sudan

It is a landlocked country bordering Kenya, Ethiopia, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. With a population of 11.06 million people, it has a peace index value of 3.36.

5. Iraq

It is a country in Western Asia bordering Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The country has a population of 40 million people with a peace index value of 3.26.

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