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Kenyans Awakened By A Flash Of Hope As MPs Recommend A Way To Reduce Fuel Prices

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The struggle has been real since the increase in fuel prices. Life has become unbearable and many can't afford a meal a day leave alone predicting when they will have their next meal. Things just got worse in this ailing economy amid a pandemic with the increase in fuel prices and the wish by many is to find a solution to that.

Members of Parliament have not been left behind in trying all means to find a route to reduce the fuel prices. They have held several. seatings just to discuss how the taxes can be reduced to at least make life affordable to all.

As tweeted by Nation Africa, the members of parliament have come up with a plan on how they can reduce fuel prices. They have thought of reducing the Value Added Tax on fuel prices by half. This is a flash of hope for Kenyans because even though this is not the solution, at least it's just a step to a journey of a thousand miles.

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