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Why Raila will not endorse any presidential candidate come 2022

The loyalty and believe that Raila Odinga is enjoying currently from his Luo community was the unquestionable labor of his late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga during 1947 when he started the Luo Thrift and Trading Corporation with the aim of empowering his Kenyan Luo ethnic and uniting the speckled Luos in East Africa. His struggles earned him acknowledgement among the Luo community which later crowned him ‘Ker’: meaning the Luo king, a title formerly held by Ramogi Ajwang after believing in his credible and potential leadership. 

After Jaramogi’s death in 1994, his son Raila Odinga; who had been anointed by his father to take over, took over to current. Not only in the Luo community; in Kenya it is believed that in any ethnic community, political representatives are anointed by the current ones for replacement when they exit from active politics.Raila’s stillness in declaration of his 2022 presidential candidacy with only 2 years left has raised a lot of imaginations from the public. It is possible that he might be working on finding the suitable heir from the Luo community to anoint as per the demands of their tradition.

In Kenya earning tertiary favors from the government by any community either trough cabinet appointments is directly proportional to their participation in forming that administration. With this trend, the prominent political kingpins draw magnificent approvals from the government. This has engineered ethnic communities to produce influential political kingpins from their own soil to bank home this favors.Raila holds the powers to appoint his new successor since he is likely to exit active politics come 2022. It will be ill-chosen to him if he vies 2022 unsuccessfully and shame to the Luo believes for failing to appoint his successor in time.

With odinga being uncertain of the outcome of 2022 polls and the urge to appoint his successor, he might not run for presidency but choose to support his chosen successor.

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