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Opinion: Restrict Political Campaigns to Social Media

Politicians should hold their campaigns via the social media, platforms that not only minimises the risk of spread of Covid-19 but is also fast, cost effective and has got a wide reach.

Since the pandemic struck in 2019, the rate of infection and number of deaths have been on the increase. With only 10 months to 22 elections, politicians have been moving around the country attract ing large crowds that disregard Covid-19 protocols, exposing people to the deadly virus.

This weakens the government's efforts to combat the pandemic. I strongly believe that this is the time for campaigns to be held online via platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Through them, politicians will be able to meet a wide range of audiences and persuade them to elect them when the time comes.This strategy was used during last elections in the United States and it produced tremendous results.

It made campaigning a lot more easier as politicians covered more ground in a short period of time and also gave them ample time to interact with voters. The people were also able to raise their concerns and demands easily.

So why not embrace it now and prevent deaths and infections of our parents, brothers and sisters?

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