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Politicians Reported To Be Recruiting IT Experts To Have Their Names Off The System And Platforms

 Who are hackers and what do they do? What are their aim and who are behind what they really do? Well, hackers, are people who gain unauthorized access to computer system to access data. Hackers do hacking for various reasons. It may be for personal gain, show off or political reasons. 

News have now hit the headlines reporting that, politicians are now into hackers to have their filthy deeds ripped off from the system and other online platforms. 

Gatanga DCI boss Mr. John Kanda has expressed his view to the nation that, they have a report that some major politicians are now recruiting IT experts in networking and black hat hacking to hack into various sites, media houses and blogs to have their tarnished names being cleared from the systems. The DCI Boss, termed the act as a cybercrime and they should take care. 

Reports have also shown that, the politicians who are employing the experts in networking and hacking, are paying lump some of money of between 200k to 2 million. 

It has been reported that, these politicians are doing so because if the rule that anyone who wished to run or vie for a seat coming next election, he or she should be cleared from the DCI and EACC and other critical institutions.

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