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To Avoid Election Rigging, IEBC Should Apply This New Way Of Voting.

Cases of rigging of elections and stealing votes have become a normal routine in every election held in our country. According to the Kenya Constitution, elections should be free and fair.

According to majority's opinion, this problem was brought up by the political leaders who have violated the laws by acting above it. Electorate bodies have been changed several times but nothing good has come out of it.

We have seen politics parties accusing each other for manipulating casted voters for favour of a particular party. This was witnessed in 2007, 2013 and 2017 general elections.

To avoid such challenges, IEBC should consider using e-voting. This is a electrical system of voting and it operates using electrical means and this helps in monitoring casting and counting of votes. It also include transmission of votes and ballots through internet or private computers internet.

The manual system of counting and casting votes will be no more. This will do away with election rigging as manual monitoring gives a a bigger loophole for steal.

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