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New York Mayor Says 'No Room' in His City For Migrants

Over the weekend, Mayor of New York City Eric Adams traveled to El Paso, Texas, where he said that together with other city leaders throughout the nation, they will exert pressure on the federal government to provide aid in resolving the migrant problem. Adams arrived on Saturday night for what El Paso Mayor Oscar Leseer, a fellow Democrat, had organized as a 24-hour fact-finding trip. In the last year, more than 40,000 migrants who first arrived in border cities like El Paso have gone on to New York City; Adams has warned that this inflow is outpacing his administration's capacity to deliver assistance.

He promised to build a partnership of mayors dealing with comparable circumstances during a press conference on Sunday. Adams intends to bring up the subject before the United States Conference of Mayors the following week when he is in Washington, D.C. Uncertainty exists on how the Senate, Congress, or President Joe Biden—who visited El Paso last week—will react to the newly formed alliance.

Last year, the city spent $366 million on assistance for asylum seekers, and according to Adams, by the end of June, that amount will have increased to $2 billion. Just $8 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and $2 million from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have been given to New York City thus far.

On Saturday evening, the mayor made his first stop at a razor-wire-topped chain-link fence that is routinely exploited as a border crossing. Then Leeser led Adams through a section of the city where street sleeping asylum seekers are common. The next day, Adams visited with the mayor and other El Paso representatives before going to a chapel that helps migrants. Before visiting a county office that links migrants with various programs and a processing center administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, Adams and his commissioner for immigrant affairs, Manuel Castro, spoke with asylum applicants outside.

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