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Nelson Havi: Raila And Karua Are Perfect Leaders

People ask why I sought company of questionable characters to run for MP' -  Havi

Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate of the Azimio alliance, and his running partner Martha Karua, according to Nairobi lawyer Nelson Havi, are "excellent leaders who have done fantastic tasks in the past."

Havi, who is running for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) parliamentary seat in Westlands, said he has no concerns with the two leaders, but that Kenyans must learn to distinguish individuals from ideas during the election.

"I'll be very honest with you: Raila Amolo Odinga is a fantastic leader. There is nothing wrong with him." William Samoei Ruto and I are both his students. He's done an outstanding job, and the sooner we recognize and honor what others have done, the better equipped we'll be to isolate individuals when discussing issues," he added.

"Martha is a very dear friend of mine; she is a prominent lawyer who, like Raila, has done a fantastic work in the legal profession," Havi remarked on NTV's "With all due respect" show on Tuesday night.

Mr Havi was answering to a question about what about Mr Odinga irritates the members of the UDA-Kenya Kwanza alliance enough for them to criticize him.

He admitted to trying unsuccessfully to contact Mr Odinga a week before joining UDA, and that he is a member of the Maragoli sub-tribe, which he claims accounts for 60% of the 46,947 Luhya voters in Westlands.

He, on the other hand, believes that it is problematic when one's opinions are assessed by the people that one supports.

The lawyer has defended his choice to join the UDA party in the past, but he has recently made public remarks that have sparked speculation about whether his allegiance is evolving.

"The trouble arises when you start pointing fingers at individuals in order for us to see your point of view as sellable. "We don't need any more liberations or reforms," he remarked, citing Martha and Raila as key figures in the liberation.

According to him, Kenyans must now decide who of the two groups wants to improve the country's social and economic well-being, and who wants to rebuild the power system by altering the constitution to distribute power among themselves.

"These are the issues that Kenyans must address." "What we need to talk about right now is what problems are on the table from the standpoint of the voter," he added.

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