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Amount of Money That Uhuru's Administration Leaves As Pending Bills

The next government needs to have a leadership and administration transition from Uhuru's. However, as reported from Citizen TV as per the tweet, it has been revealed that Uhuru's Administration is leaving behind a huge amount as pending bills.

"Jubilee government administration is set to leave Ksh.504.7 billion as pending bills in national government according to new National Treasury data.

The national government pending bills rose by 40.4 per cent from Ksh.359.5 billion at the end of June 2021. Consequently, 88.9 per cent of the bills was accrued to the State Corporations. The balance of Ksh.56.1 billion is handled by Ministries, State Departments and other government entities.

65.5 per cent of State Corporation pending bills belong to contractor/projects and suppliers.

Bills held by Ministries and State Departments meanwhile mainly constitute historical pending bills that have remained unpaid over the last two years.

The growth in national pending bills is despite a standing national government policy on the clearance of pending bills.

Ministries and State Departments have been required to prioritize the payment of pending bills with the arrears making for the first charge in the new 2022/23 budget execution," Citizen reported.

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