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Deputy President William Ruto Allegedly Meets With Former Nigerian President

Dp Ruto has been missing since yesterday and a lot of people have been talking. Disembe posted on his Twitter handle that the Dp was in Nigeria. On his post he wrote, "DP Ruto meets former Nigeria Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Ruto is in the same situation Atiku was in 2006, ahead of the Nigerian 2007 Presidential polls. In that election, Obasanjo backed Umar Yar’Adua, abandoning Atiku. This is a meeting of birds of a feather. @JunetMohamed

The Obadanjo-Atiku schism mirrors the current schism in Kenya. Atiku couldn’t quit for fear of what Obasanjo would do to him, and Obasanjo couldn’t fire him because Atiku had constitutional protections to hang on to power, however empty it was. Btw, Obasanjo was here in October:

End note: Atiku is yet to be President of Nigeria. Obasanjo backed both Yar’Adua, Jonathan (first term) and Buhari...all of whom have become presidents before Atiku. @JunetMohamed"

Here are some comments:

Cheney: I thought you Said he is sick how did he find himself there Mr all-knowing

Greenlight: ODMers know everything and achieve nothing @RailaOdinga was a PM when he lost in 2013.

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