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3 Things That Should Not Be Done If Dogs Bark At You

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Dogs are very unique animals domesticated purposely to offer security and act as a pet. They are quick to learn certain behaviors thus making them more preferable. Today we are going to look at common mistakes we should not commit in incase a dog barks at you.

Running away

I know most of us will opt for running to save our lives but truly this is a wrong choice. This is because you will make it more fierce and intimidated making it chase after you. What is supposed to be done is to remain relaxed and give it time to calm down.

Yelling At It.

Shouting at the dog whenever it shows signs of attacking might make it worse. They usually don't want noises for they will perceive you as an enemy thereby harming you.

Staring at the dog.

Looking keenly at the dog isn't a good thing if in case it barks at you. A solution here is to pretend you are not frightened even if you do. Thanks for reading this article, kindly share with friends and follow us for more articles.

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