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Bizzare Moment as a Brown Cat Trots at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital & Disappears Under The Bed of a New Born

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Kenyans on social media have expressed mixed reactions over the latest development in which a brown cat is said to be strolling in Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

There have been superstitions and believes associating cats as devil's advocate. In the art world, cats often stood as symbols for Lucifer and the world's evils.


According to the guardian publication,....'In medieval Europe, the paranoia and superstition turned the cat into a villain and enemy of the church. The cat is accused of witchcraft and sorcery, the cat came to symbolise all things bad lasciviousness, pride, envy, treachery and the very devil himself.

With all the bad beliefs about cats, it now happens that a brown cat has been trolling around the wards at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital. Upon being chased, the big cat is said to be disappearing at one of the beds at a unit housing new borns.


Kenyans online have highlighted their superstitions to cats as they associate them with bad omen. This comes a time when there have been many cases of deaths in the delivery room and infants ward in the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

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