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Health benefits of walking with your dog

picture courtesy. Boerboels Kenya

If you are a dog owner, you know how loyal, loving and comforting they are. Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend was right. They’re capable of learning some complex tricks and they naturally have a great level of emotional intelligence that other animals don’t have.

And to keep them happy, every owner needs to create a healthy environment which includes taking them for walks.

picture courtesy. German shepherd

Here are some reasons why you need to stop delegating those duties and take your little pup for a walk instead:

1.It boosts your mental health

A common myth that still exists to date is that animals aren’t capable of processing emotions. If this were true, you wouldn’t be able to sense the difference in emotional state between a dog that’s been abused or abandoned and a dog that has been nurtured in a healthy environment.

The fact is that dogs experience happiness, excitement and a variety of other good emotions. This also means that they’re capable of feeling negative emotions like anxiety and depression.

picture courtesy

2.It’s bonding time for you and your bestie

A pet is more than just an animal you’re looking after. In fact, they’re more like family members. Some people even go to the extent of building luxurious pet homes for their dogs which shows how special they are.

picture courtesy

3.It maintains cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular diseases are some of the deadliest illnesses to suffer from. As a pet owner, you should know that your dog isn’t immune to some of these complications including congenital heart disease.

4.It’s essential for physical fitness

picture courtesy

Going for a stroll with your pup is a smart way of killing two birds with one stone especially when you have a busy schedule. It allows you time to exercise since walking keeps your body active and for your dog, this is extremely important too because it significantly reduces the risk of obesity.

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