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The Fastest Dogs In The World That can Run Up to 75KM/H

Here are the fastest dog breeds in the world


With a top speed of 65km/h, these breed of Dogs can be found back in history as far back 800 Bc.These dogs were brought to the highland of Ibiza in the eighth century and they dwellers began using the dogs for hunting rabbits and are still used today. They do require a lot of exercise and can jump up to six feet from the standing position.


It has a top speed of 68.8 km/h and can be traced back from 700.they were used to hunt gazelles because of their power. They are able to run and stand in rocky land terrain. They are known as the loyal dogs of Egypt.


These breeds of dogs can run up to 71 km/h and are also known as Hungarian pointer. They originated in Hungary and are used as pointers and hunters hare and fowl. Vizslas are great companion dogs and have a tendency to be loyal dogs. They are known to stick around their owners and its one if the reason they are excellent hunting dogs. They also help in providing security in their homes.


These are very small Dog breed but their speed is really amazing, despite their size they can run up to 71 km/h and are commonly used in the dog’s races. Their size makes the perfect for hunting and they require a lot of exercise. These dogs can jump up to 4 feet above the ground and are times very violent especially when they meet new people.


These is the fastest dog breed in the world with a whopping speed of 75 km/h .Its a very old breed that originated ion north Africa about 5000 years ago. The dogs speed, temperament and hunting ability caught the attention of people around the world and this breed can be found all around the world. Originally breed for hunting races.

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