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Are your chickens getting sick, here are some remedies

Most of the poultry farmers have lost their chickens due to various diseases.

Chicken rearing is expensive and time consuming .

Some if the diseases that affects chicken at their earlier stages include;



•Fowl pox

•Marek's disease.

There are some herbs which can be used to cure both free range chicken and those in cages namely ;

1.Mexican marigold

Its a common herb that grows in western and central parts of Kenya.

It contains compounds that are antifungal and Boosts the chickens immune system.

2.Aloe vera

Belongs to Lilliacea family.

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that helps in protection against poultry diseases.


1.Collect leaves of aloe vera and Mexican marigold depending on the size of the poultry.

2.Grind the herbs separately to form a nice paste.

3.Mix them well and add some water that will be enough for all chicks .

4.Filter the mixture to obtain a fine solution.

Ways of administering

•Leave the mixture overnight before administering .

•put the solution in water trough the following day for your chickens to drink it.

•Do this on a daily basis to prevent the poultry from developing the diseases.

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