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The Cheapest Way Of Controlling Poultry Diseases And Maintaining Them

Poultry Farming is regarded as one of the most expensive project to start and maintain, since it requires much of attention, labour, and alot of care. It also require funds to purchase drugs which is used to treat diseased birds. Poultry Farming it also require appropriate feed and enough space for keeping the chickens.

For the Farmers to minimize on the capital required, consider the following precautions.

1. Maintain the good hygiene in the chicken house. The cheapest way is by sprinkling chlorinated water in the cages twice a day to kill the pathogens that may build-up and transmit diseases to the birds thus lowering the level of production in your chickens.

2. You should ensure sufficient supply of chlorinated water in the cages from the 1st day of hatching and this should be practiced on daily basis. The chlorinated water will suppress the pathogens that may inhibit the body of birds thus preventing the build-up of diseases in the poultry house.

The above method will save your chickens Life and also save your money that would have been used for purchasing vaccine. This is the cheapest method of managing your poultry without using more money for buying vaccine.

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Cheapest Way Of Controlling Poultry Diseases Poultry Farming


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