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Fun Facts About Horses

All horses regardless of the date they were born have their birthday on 1 January every year .

Horses can sleep while standing up. This is due to the special arrangements of muscles, ligaments and tendons that locks up the joints in the legs, this is called passive stay apparatus.

They can run shortly after birth . They gallop after 24 hours.

Have a lifespan of 25-30 years, few reach 40s.

The oldest horse ever in the history was Old Billy, lived for 62 years ,from 1760-1822.

Horses have 205 bones in their skeleton.

Horses have been domesticated for over 5000 years.

Have bigger eyes than any other mammal on the planet,with a dichromatic vision. They can see upto 360° at one time with the blindspot being their back and directly below them.

There are around 60 Million horses in the world.

Horses have evolved from the past years where they were smaller creatures. Evolution lead to increase in size, reduction in number of hooves, loss of footpads, fusion of independent bones on the lower legs , muzzle elongation and brain increase in size and complexity.

The highest jump recorded in history was by Chilean Huaso, 2.5 metres in 1949 in Chile.

The longest jump over water ever recorded in history was by a horse called Something, 8.4 metres in 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The first faeces of a baby horse, foal, is called meconium are dark brown and pasty and must be passed out within 3hrs after birth to stimulate gut movement .

It is bad for a horse to lay down as there might occur a reperfusion injury where muscles and nerves on the side that is down or laid on can damage due to excessive pressure . Also the lung can accumulate blood pools due to gravity.

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