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The Breed Of Goat That Gives Birth To Most Offsprings In The World (PHOTOS)

Goat is one of the domestic animal kept by human beings. They are mainly kept for the purpose of meat, milk or even pet at some point. Thus today, allow me show you the breed of goat that gives birth to most offsprings in the world.

The breed is Nigerian Dwarf Goats. It originated from USA and is currently widely spread. In fact Nigerian Dwarf Goat rose into popularity worldwide due to its small size and its amazing ability to give birth to three, four or even five kids per pregnancy. After giving birth, their kids often weigh about 2 pounds and matures as early as 7months old. What amazing!

The females of this breed has heights of about 43cm to 53cm while males have heights of about 48cm to 60cm. In addition, Nigerian Dwarf Goat produces a lot of milk to be used domestically. Some individuals also love this breed for pet since they are too playful and affectionate. Their life span is between 15 years to 20 years.

The cost of this goat ranges between $50 to $125. The price may also go as high as $200+ depending on the quality and the demand of the goat. Below are their amazing pictures.

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