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Meet Polar Bear: Russia's National Animal


Polar bears are the largest of all terrestrial carnivores in the planets with only the Kodiak rivalling it in size. Their white fur, which yellows with age is the most recognisable on first impression. They have short legs, small tail and ears that make them adapted to the arctic sub - zero temperatures.

To balance well in the snow, they large feet come in handy while dermal bumps on their paw's pads improves their traction power. This Russia's national animal exhibit s3xual dysmorphy with males almost twice big than their female counterparts. They weigh up to 1500 pounds and can be 9. 8 inches in length. During pregnancy however, females become twice their weight.

Habitat and Distribution

While polar bears are born on land, most of their lives is actually spent on open water or ice. They are found in Alaska, Canada, Norway and Russia.

Diet and Behavior

Polar bears are different from the other bears in that they are almost exclusively carnivorous when other bears are omnivorous. Their main prey is the seals and they use they strong sense of smell to detect them even when they are one mile away and buried 0. 9 metres in snow. They would often wait for the seals to surface from the snow and the. using their paws drag them to the surface and brutally crash its skull before feasting on it. They somtimes eat young beluga whales, eggs, juvenile walruses, carrion, crabs and shellfish.

Reproduction and Offspring

Females are early maturers and reach s3xual maturity at age five while males at age eight. Males usually fight for dominance and breeding rights. After mating, females delay implantation for another three months. They then spend the gestation period in a state of hibernation carrying two cubs. Females feed on vegetation immediately after giving birth while the cubs train themselves to walk. They would then proceed to the sea where they grow to adulthood and hunt seals.

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