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See the Unique Giant Creatures In the World

Some creatures are very big that they can scare people. The following are the rarest giant creatures in the world.

The bigest dog in the Guinness world Records was nicknamed Zeus.It was 11 centimeters at the withers and was about 70 kilograms. It was a giant and lived in the Michigan. The dog died due to its old age.

The Titan Bettle is famous for its extremely large size. It grew upto a length of sixteen centimeters. This bettle lives in the tropics and is not dangerous to human beings.

One of the biggest rabbit in history is called Ralph and was in Britain. It weighed 25 kilograms when it was 25 years old.This was a giant in the world of rabbits. His mother was in the Guinness world Records but her son is more superior in all aspects.

Solar perch is very huge and can weight between 56 to 81 kilograms. Three lucky fishermen wore surprised to catch them. They caught them at the Californian coast.This was an incredible rare and good luck to the fishermen.

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