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5 Unexpected Things a Dog can Smell


According to scientists, cancer makes our cells work in a way that is considered not normal so as to grow a tumor. The damaged cells produce a certain protein that can be smelled by a dog. A dog detects this disease differently for example; it can detect lung cancer via breath and prostate or bladder cancer by smelling the urine. In some hospitals, you can even come across sniffer dogs. 


The nose of a dog can detect even the tiniest change in your body odor. When a person is pregnant, their body goes through a couple of hormonal changes that most pets can detect. In case of dogs, the can detect early stages of pregnancy and even the body movements. The dogs behavior will also change as they will try to treat you as a new person. 

A storm or hurricane

If you have some basic knowledge about different animals in the world, you will understand that they have been closer to the nature than human beings. A dog, for example, it can detect the slightest changes in the air, forecasting a storm and other natural even. Dogs are also very sensitive to vibration and geomagnetic fields; this makes most experts trust them. 

Changes in the glucose blood level

They are able to detect changes in the glucose blood level by detecting changes in the way our sweat smells. They can also analyze the way our behavior changes and as soon as it finds something, the dog will surely react by showing stress or even doing things to attract owners attention. 

Differentiate people

This is one of the most common things most of us know; a dog can differentiate its owners from other people. The smell of each and every person in a dogs nose is very unique and it can detect it even if the odor is mixed with perfumes or marks after coming into contact with different people. Well trained dogs can even differentiate identical twins; this ability is mostly used by police when searching for missing people. 

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