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Three Basic Dog Training Tips

The moment we buy or adopt a puppy or dog we look forward to enjoying their company but this does not happen always. Photo: ShibaShake.

Dogs are sometimes stubborn and independent and need some training and taming for them to become good pets around home.

Some dogs are calm in the day but unleash their playful energy at night and without proper training one can miss enjoying the company they expected when bringing home the canine.

Because of their self confidence and stubbornness yet faithfulness, dogs deserve to be shown the way so that their bond with the owner is not broken over things that could otherwise have been manage.

Three basic techniques of training a dog include; touching its flank, leash, leash jerk or collar corrections and holding the dog to the the ground popularly referred to as alpha roll.

Touching the dog's flank technique is more suitable for taming the dog's obsession with external stimulus like another dog, cat, person or something it will feel like attacking.

A dog concentrates so much and cannot be distracted even by food if it has a target to pounce on and therefore, touching his flank and redirecting him to somethin else helps stop him from getting used to the external aggression response.

In managing the leashes and collar corrections one has to be quick and alert enough so that the dog does not get the space to be aggressive and is also not held and frustrated by the pressure from the straps.

Alpha roll on the other hand involves pinning the dog down until they surrender, give up, or shuts down.

This techniques is however, only suitable for use by experts who can do it right without causing the dog to feel frustrated and thus lose touch with their owners.

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