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Look At The Cave That Looks Similar To A Snake

Naka Cave is located in Phu Langka National Park which is in the Bueng Khong Long District of Bueng Kan Province, Thailand. Naka means ‘snake’ in the Thai language

The cave earned its name for the shape and texture of stones that make the walls look like the scaled skin of a snake. Myth has it that this cave was created after a Naga princess was cursed for falling in love with a human prince.

Many people have suggested that the strange formations inside the cave and the patterns of the rocks outside are indeed the fossilised remains of a giant snake. Not necessarily a nāga from Buddhist mythology, but instead the remains of the largest snake that ever roamed the earth.

Although several myth have been told about the cave, no one can really know how or why the cave is really similar to a snake. Would you like to visit the cave?

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