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African Beliefs That Are Considered as Bad Luck

There are some African beliefs that are lingered to bad luck in real life situations. Indeed when you follow up these beliefs,you will find out that there is some truth in some of them. Not all beliefs are considered bad luck but some are believed to be good luck too.

Today I will share with you some African beliefs that are considered to be bad luck.

1.Crying of an Owl at the roof of your house.

When this animal called an owl come and start crying in a loud voice on the roof of your house, you should chase it away. This is believed that your close relative will lose his or her life. This myth have been proven by some communities.

2.When a black cat crosses your way.

When you are going somewhere, then you see a black cat crossing your way,you should turn back to your house. This is because something bad may happen on your way or rather you won't get what you are going for.

3.Sweeping your house after sunset.

This is also considered bad luck because its believed that,sweeping your house when the sun has just set,you are throwing away your riches. If you sweep,don't let the dirt cross your door,keep it in your house until the next day.

4.When the right eye blinks continuously.

When the right eye blinks, this is believed that a close relative have died or is in critical condition.

However, these beliefs are taken differently by some communities. Each and every community or tribe has its own myths to follow. Add your tribe's belief that is considered bad luck by sharing them here.

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